screen color settings

I've always left the SW screen at default configuration, but our
"Graphics" guy says it's better to have white or light gray background.
What is everyone's opinion/preferences on this matter and on other
user settings that make life easier? The last posts on this matter were
in Feb 2003, any new ideas since then?
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I have my background set to a gray that is almost white. That provides the best contrast with the default colors for everything else.
The color is not full white, because that is hard on the eyes. I would prefer light colors on a black background, unfortunately that's too much trouble. Light colors on dark provide the best contrast and are easest on the eyes. Back in my Acad days with the black background, a 60Hz refresh rate was easily tolerated. Whith white, I have to have an absolute minimum of 72Hz. 75 if I want to look at it for long.
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