Solidworks aftermarket books

I just completed a Solidworks course called Solidworks Essentials. The
company I work for is installing up to four seats of SW2012 and I want
to get more books on the software, especially concerning sheet metal and
press brake forming work.
Any suggestions? My instructor recommended the Solidworks Bible,
anything else I should look at?
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David R. Birch
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nope; matt lombards books are all you'll ever need. they are indepth, well written, and fairly comprehensive. all you really need to do is be albe to play around with the sw feature as you read it to gain a more intuitive understanding
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Look on eBay for the official books that SolidWorks resellers use to teach their overpriced courses. That's where I got mine. If you need the exact names of all the books I have them all and would be glad to list them. I think that they are easily the best material for learning Solidworks. I have the SolidWorks Bible. It's very poorly written (see Amazon reviews) and the author Matt Lombard doesn't have clue one when it comes to manufacturing.
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Go on Ebay and get the Manuals that are written by SW Corp.
Dennis R Lubing
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Dennis Lubing

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