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Your maintenance and license numbers are pretty close Mr. Pickles. It's my understanding that for $5000 with Pro you get the base modeler with detailing, translators and model check. The base package does include basic surfacing but in order to have high end surfacing you are required to by the upgraded surfacing package. Sheetmetal and analysis are also an upgrade to the base package. This is the info I was given by their sales rep when I ordered the demo.

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Pro/E marketing tactics in the past have always been "over price the core product" and then stick em hard for basic add-ons and service. For that reason, I haven't paid much attention to their products. Upfront cost is always a concern and is the primary reason Pro/E is now competing in the mid-range world. If one can get significant performance gains with large assemblies at mid-range prices then the bar has been raised. Having said that, worth investigating out of curiosity



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See my comment elsewhere in this thread. Nobody seems to care about performance. Yet I get hit by it all the time. It is a bigger time waster than than all the nice interface things can makeup for. I get hit by a double whammy on this and SW2005 dropped the bar a few more percent. We work in the 5,000 part range and especially on detailing SW can be a real sleeper. There is a reason why we have a coffee machine in the office.

BTW, the double whammy is that I lose time wait> All comes down to what tools you need to get the job done. What is a

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Here is the information on the three software bundles that are available. The base package includes sheet metal and surfacing, but there is an advanced surfacing module available. Never needed it though as the base packaging package is sufficient.

Foundation Advantage - Includes all of the basics necessary to design. It has Modeling, Assembly, Detailing, Sheetmetal, Mechanism Design, Model Check, and the standard built in analysis tools (model analysis, surface analysis, curve analysis, sensitivity analysis, optimization/feasibility, compare part, etc.) Flexible Advantage - Includes Foundation Advantage and the Advanced Assembly Extension plus your choice of ISDX(An Advanced Surfacing Tool) or one of the Analysis Solutions(Mechica Structural and Thermal or Mechanism Dynamics)

Flex 3C - Includes Foundation Advantage, AAX, ISDX, Pro Cabling and Piping, Mechanism Dynamics, Intralink or PDMLink, Behavioral Modeling, Design Collaboration Extension.

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I have been using the ATI FireGL X2 256meg card for about 7 months and don't really see any issues compared to the NVIDIA cards we have in other machines. There have been crashes, but I'm certainly not alone in that respect and can't tie them to video card issues. I guess the bottom line is that I would certainly consider buying another one in the future.


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