Solidworks performance enhancement

Hi, I was interested to know if solidworks gives me an option to use the idle processing time on other computers on my company network.

If any one is aware of it kindly let me know.


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If it were possible the benifits to PhotoWorks would be.........OOOHHH Just thing about how much faster you could render a video too.

I had better stop dreaming.

I did look for something of the sort a few months ago........searching..........

There was one app that you could use as a wrapper over other applications but for the life of me I can't find anything on it now. It has been said that SW by nature is processed very linear like since everything is dependant on what is before it. But PhotoWorks can definitely take advantage of multiple processors but I am not sure if there is a thread limit.


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Corey Scheich


It's my understanding that PW2 does infact make use of dual processors if they are there. It does not have support for network rendering. Not yet Anyway.

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Rob Rodriguez

Back in 89-90 we used to do that to the extent the graphic arts department was complaining we were stealing the CPU cycles from their Apollos. We ran big simulations and needed every clock cycle we could get. So anyone that had a Unix box was raided for free cycles. That was Unix then, this is Windows now, where true multi-tasking and multi-processing is still a feature to be invented. And of course it wasn't SW we were running either.

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