SolidWorks SP2.0 is out!

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Gerhard Bamann
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One minor thing here, or is it just me?
According to the Release notes there is a new Tutorial for "Advanced Drawings" --- Link not found on my machine.
Yes I did install the new help files and antivirus was turned off.
John Layne
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John Layne
Installed it and went fine. They finally fixed the metric tapped hole callouts to include thread pitch!! Yea! Only run it a short time but still running into bugs with cosmetic thread bitmap image going nuts and changing colors and position. This is messing up my shaded views in drawings. Makes is hard to send to customers. Also tried to make a pdf of a assy with notes in it to send to a customer this morning and the note font is all whacked out so I couldn't do it.
The biggest improvement they could possibly make for 2006, would be to fix the inexcusable amount of bug's that plague this software and hinder isn't usability! They really need start fixing the bug's that are following version to version and be done with it! It's just really pissing me off how bad it's getting. Starting to think about moving to something else. Subscription service is becoming a bad joke. I use a lot of software packages that are fairly complex and SW gets the honor for being the most buggy by far.
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PDMworks a Assembly that took 30 to 40 minutes to check went into the vault in less then 1 minute
A assembly that took ne
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