When is a flap disc worn out?

I have a flap disc for my 4-1/2" grinder. It has stopped grinding
because the grit is gone on the exposed flap. I thought the flaps were
supposed to wear down & expose more grit. There is plenty of flap left.
Do I have to expose more flap by directly removing the used part? If
so, how?
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Bob Engelhardt
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Here are a few links to some info I found about flap wheels, hope this helps.
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Tom Gardner
I use them until I start smelling rubber and getting the white smoke.
Nah. But, they can be used to different degrees depending on the amount of grit needed, the position, and the fineness of the work. It's just a booger to toss the expensive little devils without getting the last bit of work out of them, isn't it.
Steve Bulicz www.heartsurgerysurvivalguide
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