Texas feral hog shooting chopper "Heli-Hogging' video

This Texas feral hog shooting chopper "Heli-Hogging' video is fascinating.
The pilot has a fixed .223 rifle with optics rigged back to his helmet and
He's fairly accurate, as you'll see, and his Scout Chopper flying skills are
down pat.
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Practicing up for leftards?
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Another very interesting read, or watch, is Jager method of capturing pigs. This guy studied about trapping pigs, and discovered some very basic and some very intricate things about trapping pigs. The series is 15 or 20 videos, about the pen construction, layout, pig behavior, even down to gate size. The thing has a camera that you can watch on your cell phone anywhere in the world, and when the pen has the right number of pigs in it, you hit a button, and the gate falls, trapping them all. There is also great night shooting using night vision where they go out and get the ones too smart to go to the traps. Some mighty fine on the run shots. If you go through all the videos, it is very interesting to learn the things he reveals between their methods, and the regular metal cage box commonly in use now. A much higher catch rate. And interesting to watch.
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