Hog Wild !

I live 60 miles north of Milwaukee and there must be 10,000 Harleys in town. If you don't know the HD 100th birthday party is in full swing. Even if you don't ride you should cruise through Milwaukee if you get the chance. Lots of photos to take. ..Joe

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Joe Drees
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Lots of them were in Buffalo last weekend as part of the run. I live around the corner from the dealership that's supposedly the seventh oldest still existing in the company, so a ~lot~ of them were driving up my street. Makes me wish I still rode..... (way too old, reflexes are shot 8-(, not to mention "she who MUST be obeyed)

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The history of things that didn't happen has never been written - Henry Kissinger

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The Old Timer

So you also have a pet nagasaurus? ;

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*sigh* Wish I were still IN Milwaukee... Home sweet home...
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Drat. I thought this was going to be a thread about the Arkansas Razorbacks....... ;-p

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Al Superczynski

Aal complained:

Holy cow Al, the Hog football team hasn't really gone wild since Broyles was coach and the players had names like Jones, Johnson and Switzer :-)


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i believe they call themselves the bride's mother. and they are gristley and tough to chew.

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