We need rc-killer-helicopters in Iraq!!!

An army of small rc-killer-helicopters programmed to hunt
the enemy could finally destroy them for good.
They should be equipped with small anti-person rockets
and guns. They should also be explosive. If the enemy
destroys them, they should explode. Some shrapnel
inside them would be a nice surprise.
This could save the lives of brave US soldiers while the
enemy would be killed by the hundreds!!!
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Lucas J. Riesau
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Someone subscribing to the Alt.swordfighting group and writing like this isn't trolling. He is just a trobled soul... Too many weirdos have learned to type. Fight literacy!!!
Stefan Pettersen
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Stefan Pettersen
Hmm, wonder if I could get the fuel contract...even though I don't have a company and haven't mixed fuel in batches bigger than a 4L. I mean How hard can it bee?
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Keith Schiffner
| >> An army of small rc-killer-helicopters programmed to hunt | >> the enemy could finally destroy them for good. ... | > Do I smell flame bait? | This is way too obious. No fish will swallow that hook.
Except that you already did.
If you're going to post, at least remove the crossposted group, in this case alt.swordfighting. The purpose of this troll is probably to get junk crossposted to alt.swordfighting -- and you obliged.
But yes, we should get Align or somebody to send a bunch of R/C helicopters to Iraq. Not for weapons though -- but for fun! The soldiers probably need to have some fun!
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Doug McLaren
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formatting link

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Point being? Oh and if there ain't blood it ain't sport it's a game.
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Keith Schiffner
I don't think he really cares what the Iraqi people think about the US. He is just stating his opinion and ideas in a caveman-way :) Cavemen don't talk politics, so save your keyboard. Hehe..
Stefan Pettersen
"quietguy" skrev i melding news: snipped-for-privacy@REMOVE-TO-REPLYconfidential-counselling.com...
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Stefan Pettersen
I liked WWII best. You knew who the enemy was, you knew who your allies were, and you fought for freedom. THAT brought out bravery in men. And no arguing about which side was the bad one. In wars after WWII, you don't know wether it's freedomfighting, politics or economics. I suspect when Bush talks about brave soldiers, he is laughing all the way to the bank. All the while he is setting free his friends from prison. Not unlike Pol Pot or Idi Amin... If the war in Iraq had the same clear motive as WWII, the whole world would join in.
Stefan Pettersen
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Stefan Pettersen
The message from "Stefan Pettersen" contains these words:
Thats fine as long as your 'friends' dont keep blowing the crap out of you by mistake, in both Gulf wars the British have been on the end of American firepower on a number of occasions because they simply got their 'intelligence' wrong and sooner than give the target the benefit of the doubt and leave well alone they blew nine British soldiers and their APC to bits. Sometimes it takes more guts and more dicipline not to open fire taking the risk of retaliation than to just blitz a target just in case it is the enemy, as to WW2 it was and always will be a very interesting and studyable event but I cant say I really 'like' it having lost two cousins at Tobruk and Monte Casino both in their early 20's but thats war - the one thing you can say about war is it isnt racist and will kill anybody stupid enough to indulge,
regards, Terry
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Terence Lynock (CSM)
No, I do care about the politics, and I do care about the Iraqis, and to a lessor degree care about the US soldiers who are not brave enough to refuse to slaughter men, women, and kids for no good reason.
The reason I respond to posts like the one I did, is simply to try and encourage those Americans who are deluded enough to make silly statements like 'our brave servicemen' to try and think about the issues rather than just accept the ravings of a mad president.
It does not take courage to murder Iraqis when one is ordered to do so, and especially so if you are part of a force that is overwhelmingly superior in weaponry and resources - a truly brave soldier would refuse to kill those who are desperately trying to defend their country against an invader.
Surley the Iraqis that refuse to accept the US puppet government and continue to fight the invader despite overwhenling odds are the ones that can be called brave.
David - who lives at 34°51'10"S 147°19'35"E (for Ed)
Stefan Pettersen wrote:
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"quietguy" wrote
I see you are stupid enough to believe what the sensationalist liberal press is feeding you.
Sheepie. Sad.
Buy a vowel, or a clue.
Beyond help. See ya. Not.
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