Solidworks VS Inventor

No I'm not trolling, I'm changing careers to mech drafting and just trying to get an idea on which way to go.

Would like some input on comparing Solidworks to Inventor, prefer people that have used both.

I've been using Inventor for a while, stepped up from Acad. But it looks like there's more jobs out there that want Solidworks so was thinking of looking for a student version, maybe I can enroll in an online course to qualify.

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Chris D
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If you are not interested in moving and there are more jobs in your area using SolidWorks I would think you would want to learn SolidWorks.

If Inventor had the most opportunities for employment in your area then I would be learning Inventor.

What to the local community colleges teach. The JC's usually cater to the needs of the employers in the area.

Both are capable CAD packages in the hands of a skilled CAD operator.

Most CAD jockey's will have learned several CAD packages during their career.

If you have been using Inventor for a while and already know ACAD, it would appear that you already have a career in mechanical drafting.


Anna Wood

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Anna Wood

You're not Searching either. You have almost ten years worth of archives to catch up on.

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I'm not sure what you mean by a while, but I used Inventor from R1 through R10, and switched to SolidWorks when I changed jobs in 2005. It took me just a couple of days to make the transition after using the Solidworks tutorials. They are more alike than they are different. The biggest change is just learning the syntax used in SolidWorks. Of course, my results may not be typical. If you're trying to make yourself more marketable to potential employers, you should probably investigate training options at your local technical school or CAD seller.

Regards, John.

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Good info.

I started with Acad R14 then Inventor 8 to 11. But only part time use at home, never had a job doing it.

Have been intending to change careers for about 7 years now, just procrastinating and circumstances, but it's looking real good right now to get into something in the mech drawing discipline.

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