Stop feeding the trolls!

Just stop. Just don't talk to them, about them, for them. Don't stir the cesspool. Don't poke the rotting pig carcass.

p.s. if you want real help go to

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Judging from your post, there's been another firestorm of name-calling and general BS waste of bandwidth. My filters are working very well, because I haven't seen a thing. Just switched them off to have a quick look and yep, there's all the garbage.

You're absolutely right, Tick, troll-feeding is a bigger nuisance than the trolls themselves.


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Art Woodbury

He is posting in the SolidWorks group JON, are you confusing CAD with CAM again?

You don't know how to "really" use SolidWorks JON. You are only just now attempting to learn SolidWorks after falsely posing as an expert all these years.

All you have been doing lately Jon is parroting what you read or saw on your video tutorials without understanding any of it.


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