straight threads?

I realize SW wants me to use cosmetic threads (as per the training class)
I would like to draw actual threads. I am currently cutting and pasting
thread profiles from autocad and then revolving. This works quite well
however the threads are not spiraled (even though they are much nicer than
cosmetic threads).
I downloaded a model of a socket head cap screw from McMaster Carr and they
seem to be able to represent the thread correctly (with the spiral). I
really need to correctly model the thread since we generate NC code from the
How do the experts do it? Thanks.
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Create the correct helix, make a plane "normal to curve" at one of the endpoints, sweep your thread profile along the helix. Be warned, however, that graphically displaying actual threads is not a job for a low end computer. If you need the parts in any assembly, or sub-assembly, I'd strongly recommend maintaining a configuration without the threads.
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Something like this? (Delete the last feature used to make the file size smaller.)
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