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Hi I'm a real beginner to SW, I know ACAD pretty well but want to get into 3D drawing. So I have enrolled in a 2006 Essentials class for the price of $1200...

My question is are the below files the drawing tutorials that will be used in the class?

formatting link
Essentials ESS2007_CDT0100 67 Mb SolidWorks Drawings DRW2007_CDT0101 96 Mb

Are the others on the url above part of the other courses?

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Yes, those are the files that will be used in your training class. They won't do you a lot of good until you have the manual, though. You'll also get a CD with these same files in the training manual. Have fun in the class. AutoCAD users always get excited in the Essentials class whe they see what they've been missing.

Steve O

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