SW2008 -- alot 'heavier'?

Just curious to know from those who've upgraded.. I imagine you're installing 2008 on the same machines that've been running 2007 -- have you run into any performance issues? Is the new UI notably more resource intensive?



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takes ages to load on mine 1.6 dual core 2gigs ram, once running seems to be ok- just a tiny bit slower, not sure if i like the new layout,

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Yes, notably - mostly in assemblies though. Most of the hangup will be in your graphics card, however. Go the the SW homepage and click on "Graphics Cards" in the left pane. Select the correct options for your situation and SW will show you all the cards the are recommended for 08. First thing you'll notice is: not many listed there. I have an nVidia card that seemed to fly with 07, but is not obsolete in 08. The real test here is if RealView graphics is completely supported or not. This is important, even though you can turn it off, it's still a big part of 08. If you're in the market to upgrade, I recommend shelling out the extra dough.

My systems lags on 08: I have a dual CPU 3.2gh Xeon, 4gb of RAM, (2)

80gb HD's, an nVidia Quadro (128mb) video card.
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