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I've just had an e-mail from our VAR announcing the 2009 rollout. 65% faster than 2008. What bullshit! I think the same promise was made in

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. The only way to ensure SW begins to act responsibly is to never upgrade.
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And just today i found out that if I open an assembly in lightweight and try to save it with DBWorks R10 running it will crash the whole thing, no matter if i set lightweight to resolved before I save....it crashes anyhow. Should be solved in SW 2009 ...but who knows...and it's not here by tomorrow. Open in lightweight was one of the things which would speed up things, but it got me struggeling for quite a few days now.

// Krister

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OK, give me 2009, and I'll copy a small project in say 2006, and then copy it in 2009, and I'll see just what the difference is in a project, not just speed of a particular operation or series of operations.

#1 is the software must not crash. #2 is all the standard extrude, rotate, loft & sweep functions must work without glitches #3 accessory modeling functions must work flawlessly (there's been enough time to get it right).


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I'm afraid 2009 is a dog.

The part was built entirely in 2009 SP0. I had been running 2008 which was noticeably slower than say 2004. I did a project building a single part and got to the point that I could go on another machine and check my email while it was rebuilding or performing any operation. The part could be categorized as swoopy stuff and was a custom handle for a customer. The part had three configurations and multi-bodies was used. The last time I did a performance check it was taking 100+ seconds to rebuild.

Conclusion: SW2009 is significantly slower than 2008 on part rebuild time.

While working in 2009 it was also apparent that the user interface was noticably slower. I would call it jerky and unresponsive. I found I had to pace myself because the UI couldn't keep up with my mouse clicks.

In addition to that I had frequently CTDT (Crash To Desk Top) experiences. The part did not use a great deal of memory. I don't think I used more than a gigabyte of RAM at any point in the life of this part.

Some of the higher level features used were: Lofts Boundary Loft Fill Surface Shelling Splines Ribs Surfaces

2 Surface Fillets 3D sketches Multi Body Multiple Configurations. External References

I was running this on:

AMD 3000+XP

2 GB Ram 500 XGL NVidia graphics (dual head) Windows XP Pro

Given the claims of 60%+ speed improvement SW 2009 should have run a lot faster on this setup. As it is I would say that in general any speed improvement applies to a limited range of SW functionality that doesn't include swoopy stuff in parts with multiple configurations.

In addition to this I have not been able to install SP1.0 and know that other companies in this area are having the same problems installing the service pack.


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