SWks 2006 Won't Read .x_t files from 2007?

Damn, Now I've been forced to get 2007 before SP4!

A moldmaker updated every one of about a hundred files on a new mold to 2007. (He must not have enough to do to keep himself busy.)

So I asked him to send the mold base/inserts in Parasolid so I could open them in 2006 as dumb solids.

But...2006 will not open the x_t files. Any other time I have opened x_t files (maybe dozens of situations), they have worked just fine, so I never thought about this issue.

Any clue as to why Swks 2006 will not open these when sent from Swks


Thanks - Bo

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"Bo" a écrit dans le message de news: snipped-for-privacy@z35g2000cwz.googlegroups.com...

Have them saved to an older version of parasolid (ie: v16.1 for 2006 SP5.1) (options in the save as box)

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Jean Marc

must be that the latest version (17.1) in SolidWorks 2007 was used to output the files which SolidWorks 2006 can NOT import because the most recent Parasolids version it supports is 16.1

As a result, in SolidWorks 2007 it will be necessary to change the Parasolids version through the OPTIONS available in the File/Save As dialog box for .X_T file output to 16.1 (or lower) before the files are created for export to 2006.

Per O. Hoel

p.s. This isn't just an issue for versions of SolidWorks. If Parasolids files are exported for use in Unigraphics, for example, the need to write them with an earlier kernel may also exist... _____________________________________________________

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Glad to have you guys clue me in, as I hadn't known this before, and I didn't recall seeing it on the SWks group before.

Thanks Aga> On Feb 28, 9:43 am, "Bo" wrote:> Damn, Now I've been forced

to get 2007 before SP4!

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Happens all the time. Just send a parasolid to a CNC or UG guy. SW keeps up to date, many other vendors don't.

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