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hey guys... for some odd reason solidworks is handling tap depths really weird in my part file... i have a cylindrical part with a tap on the end... on that same end there is a counter bore 3MM deep... I create my tap starting from the end of the cylinder to a tap depth of

25.4... Inside my tap feature, i have cosmetic threads shown w/ callout... then i went and added the counterbore by way of a revolved cut... what is weird is, my tap depth in my cosmetic thread feature, before the counterbore, starts from the end of the tool, like it should... But when i put that counterbore in there, it shifts the thread to starting at the bottom of the counterbore... Why in the world does it shift my cosmetic thread like that?!? when you machine a tap, typically you go from the top surface, not the bottom of a counterbore... i know how to get around it with a formula but the thread depth is going to be inserted into a design table on my drawing so i can't fudge the dimension to get it to work inside the table.. any help or thoughts would be great.... thanks...


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