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Pete, Please contact me off list. I would be more than happy to help. You can reach me at "firstinitiallastname at solidworks dot com"
Richard Doyle User Community Coordinator
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Richard Doyle
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Pete, Ken Carpenter used to have a website for UK users but that died due to work commitments etc.
We also looked at setting up a UKUG but at that time the user base was small and only a hand full of users were interested.
Also, there are a lot of issues to how the UG is structured, for instance:
- Location - I'm in Oxfordshire
- Should the VAR's be involved - or should it be independent. It's my belief it should be independent but the VAR's hold the key to accessing the UK userbase so.....
- I am all for a UKUG and would be willing to get involved in setting one up if the interest is there.
Drop me an email if you want to take it further.
Also, it would be interesting if any potential members to drop me an email to gauge the potential size of the group, and location of the users.
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Kev Parkin
I can not find a usergroup in the UK, so I am thinking of setting one up.
I have looked at Solidworks's site about usergroups, and the backup seems
really good.
But I am wondering if this support is just for the USA, has anyone outside
the USA, set up a group and just how much work is involved?
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I'd be up for that, if it was in London!
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Lee Bazalgette - Factory
You must have VAR's involved. The VARs provide the pizza. Without pizza: no user group.
Kev Park> Pete,
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John Kimmel
I think the Var's should be involved, due to their expert knowledge on Solidworks. But also because, it would work both ways, they get free publicity and we get free information. Also, nothing like having all the var's there, to pit them against each other, lol
I think the lack of a user group in the UK, is hindering our progress in the UK, to be better.
The Solidworks scenario in the UK, at the moment is, once sold, get on with it, if you want help, pay more money.
With a user group, many simple ideas and solutions to problems, can be found, thereby enhancing the user's productivity and Solidworks sales at the same time.
Ahhhh!, I should be on the Jono and Cliff show with that last statement! :-S
Anyone want to buy some 3D cad software? hehe
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Well said Wayne. Well said.
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Rob Rodriguez

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