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Does anyone know how to create a MathVector for SolidWorks?

I thought it was an arrary of three Doubles "Dim myVector(3) As Double...", but that doesn't seem to work.

Could anyone help me out?

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apihelp.chm, select the MathVector topic, check the "accessors" link : you get MathUtility::CreateVector.

a MathVector is a COM object which contains 3 doubles, but also methods. Those Math... beasts were introduced in SW2003 only Many older APIs use variants of 3 doubles instead.

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Philippe Guglielmetti

I have used:

Dim MathUtil As MathUtility Dim MathP As MathPoint Dim MathV0 As MathVector Dim PointCoords(2) As Double 'Remember that "0" is the first coordinate so I have 3 values

Set MathUtil = swApp.GetMathUtility Set MathP = MathUtil.CreatePoint(PointCoords) Set MathV0 = MathP.ConvertToVector

It is probably not the bedst way, but it was effektive for my purpose.


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Philippe, Sorry for taking so long to reply. I was wrong above.


Fourth & fourth? It's usually a 3 X 4 matrix. For geometry ...

rotated xyz

values only



Scaling: "The canonial form of the matrix which scales the units in the secondary coordinate system is obtained by multiplying the unit vectors representing the secondary axes by the scale factor"(s).


2,0,0,0 0,2,0,0 0,0,2,0

Each axes can have a different scale applied.


2,0,0,0 0,3,0,0 0,0,1,0

Hope I got something right . The memory fades ....

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Cliff Huprich

Thomas, Thanks a bunch! That worked perfectly. I'm now able to move parts in my assembly.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish this VB program soon.

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