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If it matters, I'm using 2005. I'm not sure how to describe this, but let me first say I like it and wish I knew what I did to make it happen (so I can do it again for the rest of the parts).

The assembly has a number of parts cut from extruded aluminum structural sections, Rexroth-Bosch 90mm. Display and rebuild times were abysmal with only a few sections in. So, I edited the parts to include a separate display body, just a simple rectangular section, and hid the unnecessarily complex real extrusion. Drawing and rebuild times are snappy again, and I'm happy. The boxes are plain and featureless rectangular prisms, but it's a small price to pay for usable responsiveness.

Here's the weird part. There are a couple of hole wizard tapped holes on the end face of one section, and it turned out they need to be the other end also. The fastest way to get them there was to Ctrl drag them onto the other face from the FeatureManager. And so I did.

Now, the end profile and its extrusion shows on all six faces. I couldn't ask for better, actually. It's as though SW responded to all the times I muttered, "Yup; everytime. Precisely the wrong thing, as though it knew." Just once, it did precisely the right thing, and exceeded all expectations.

Oh... Never mind. Probing around the part just now, it turns out the hidden body just unhid itself is all. :) I just have to chuckle a little at that. It's still batting 1.000, but I unwittingly outsmarted it this time. The precisely wrong thing turned out to be not so bad, useful even. I'll mark it up as a draw: a not unreasonable compromise between display speed and usefulness.

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