What Has Happened To This Group!

It's been a while since I frequented this group

What has happened here?

Where did all the spam come from?

Where have all the SWX Guru's gone?

It was a great group



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Yea, it's pretty much dead.. There are a few ppl that watch it, but most of the gurus you can find over at the solidworks forums.

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....which is unfortunate, as the powers that be (IT) decided a while ago to implement Baracuda (blocking program) that say all forums (work related or not) are bad and are not to be looked at during working hours, because it means your not working, so therefore are blocked. According to them, I should be looking at and reading forums on my own time after work, even if it would help me right then and there for a problem I could be helped with. Might as well tell me I can't talk to the guy next to me or ask him a question, because it interrupts both mine & his output...sheesh...

I used to feel lucky that it didn't block access to newsgroups and gathered valuable input from the Anna Wood, Matt and a whole slew of others (I've been visiting here since '97), but now there is no content anymore anyway.. :(

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With the advent of higher & cheaper bandwidths most like the BBS systems more now as they mostly allow graphics, files & script kiddies. Plus they ban yonnie (bunko) bonkers.

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I'm still on a hope that its owners will fix it soon :)

Deepak Gupta SW2009 SP4.1 SW2007 SP5.0

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Deepak Gupta

Nobody owns unmoderated usenet newsgroups AFAIK. There are owners for corporate systems & BBS systems.

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