What ever happened to Bruce Kelly?

Since I have been away from the hobby for a while, I wondered what happened to Bruce Kelly after stepping aside as the TRA President. Is he still running High Power Rocketry? Is it going to be a stand-alone magazine now that Tripoli has inked a deal with another magazine? I just wondered how to get in touch with him since all this went down.

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Darrell D. Mobley
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Don't know ... last time I saw him was at the Space Ship One flight. He is doing ok, and healthy. I am sure Jerry will tell you he is in prison or some bullshit like that, but he had no guards escorting him, and moved about the hanger area freely :)

I don't mention Irvine's name around Bruce ... its just best to let sleeping dogs lay ...

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I think it was about a year ago the Tripoli parted ways with High Power Rocketry. I myself ended my subscription when I renewed my Tripoli membership in early 2004; it wasn't worth spending over $50 for a subscription of just 4 or 5 issues.

I think Bruce and his family still run Tripoli HQ... when I mail my renewal this week, the money is going off to Orem, UT so I believe this is still the case.

For all the things Bruce did for Tripoli, HPR magazine, and also his involvement with the ATF lawsuit, it is sad to see that things ended up like this for him. Probably handling all this work load got to be too much. I have met him and his family several times before and I generally like and respect him. I hope and pray that his situation improves in the years ahead.

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Richard Burney

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