Re: Space "turkey" to be "done" by 2010

One word; HYPOCRISY". For those who stuck by there convictions, I have the deepest respect. However, look at the former mayor of Washington DC; Marion was a prominent civil rights activist in the late 50's and 60,s. Then he capitulated to the seamy side of politics, amongst other vices. He is but one example.

Other than that, nice rant..(:-)

Starlord wrote:

> I look at this post and just shake my head. Seems to be that just because > there are those who Marched to another drum beat, when they where young, > that now that they are in the group of people we call Leaders, that there > are still those who blame them for everything that's gone wrong. > > I grew up during those times, because of the rosey picture my dad painted, I > went into the Army at age 17 1/2 years, and after almost 2 years in Germany > I was sent to Vietnam. When I left Ft. Lewis it was as a free man, leaving > the army and it's not so rosy way of life behind me. > > I also watched as we went to the Moon and did awesome things in space, but I > also saw our so called 'Leaders' tell us that they where going to give NASA > more money, but only after they cut out more than they where giving. NASA > has had to do as much or more with less. I can't help but think that this is > one major reason for the failures we have seen. When you have to buy from > the 'cheapest' seller, you get what you pay for, ( I have a picture in my > mind of NASA pushing a shopping cart through Wal-Mart looking for hardware > to use on a space probe ). > > Then we have gwb who has an ax to grind, he plays the game of oneupmanship > with his old man, by starting a war because of data we now know was false > and now because of how it was handled, we've lost over 2,000 troops killed > 'After the war' and it's getting worst, it looks to me like another Vietnam > and I do NOT support that. And still the so called hippies are blamed. To me > that's a lot of BS. > > -- > > > > > Snipped
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