Which is better 2004 SP0 or SP2.1?

Hello all,

So far, I have read much about installation woes, but the only other big problem spoken of was with the measure tool. That, by itself, could be enough to keep me at SP0, but how about other problems? Should I stay with SP0?

Sincerely, Jerry Forcier

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Jerry Forcier
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The hide edge bug that I outlined a couple of weeks ago is still there in SP2.1.

Jim S.

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Jim Sculley


The supression bug in sp0.0 - I'd say is pretty big.


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Jacob Filek

So, is the suppression bug still there? And are Drawings any faster?


Jacob Filek wrote:

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I've personally had good luck with SP2, so I would say give SP2.1 a chance.

You 'could' try my multiple install trick and have both on your system (like me)...

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As far as patching is concerned, I've always liked to go from SP0 to whatever, insted of SP0 to SP1 then SP1 to whatever. It's less risky that way.

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

I haven't installed it sp 2.1 -- yet.

All I know is the suppression thing in sp0.0 is not very productive. That was the original question I was addressing: "Should I stay with SP0?"

Well for me... I have been working on a part for three weeks now (the part has 1280 features / about 120 hours of modeling)! Opening the part and finding some red cherries in the FM makes my heart race a little! Due to some features being suppressed and hidden somewhere inside a folder! All this takes ALLOT of EXTRA time to resolve!

Upgrading to the latest sp doesn't sound very productive either. The "WI woes" I would certainly hesitate after reading some of the posts here. Not only the time it takes (a couple of hours - no big deal) but what about the errors that can occur while or after the process is complete? Also not knowing if something is fixed or not - should this be up to the user to discover?

I couldn't help but to use ether - my customers started giving me files in

  1. So far 2004 IMO has got of to a bad start.

You've lost (losing) that fuzzy feeling....

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Jacob Filek

I don't know if you read my post but the measure tool problem spoken of yesterday is present in 2004 sp0.0 check it out for yourself. I even provided a viable workaround for it. It wasn't however a problem in 2003.

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Corey Scheich

Seems like the drawing slowlyness is fixed.....I opened up one of those drawings which gave me a headache in Sp1 and so far I couldn't slow it down like I easily did before... also looks like that blinking behaviour while moving / adding dimensions is gone too

Krister L

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Krister L

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