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I've got a steam engine and coal car that was built in the 1930's that i'd like to find more collectable info on. I'ts appx. 8' high, 1 foot long, brass components, i have the original blueprints, loads of track, etc. I will give more info to anyone who is interested.

Basically, it was built by my grandfather who would sit on it and ride it around in his backyard. I'm interested in finding any clubs, or anyone who may be able to provide more info on appx. value and whatnot.



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How sure are you on those dimensions?


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I assume you mean 8 inches high. 8" high probably means it is a 1/2" = 1' scale model as a height of 16 feet would be typical of a steam locomotive. Is the gauge (distance between the outsides of the flanges on the wheels, or distance between the rails) about 2 3/8" ? The 12" length means it is a small locomotive. How many wheels does it have? I'd guess it may be an "0-4-0" meaning no leading idler (non-powered) wheels, 4 driving wheels (on two axles) connected by side rods to the pistons, and no trailing idler wheels. GQ

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About every decently large city has a large scale (or live steam) club. While most of them generally run 7.5" gauge, there are some that have smaller gauge track also. Stopping by and talking to some of the members can be an enlightening experience. I'll note that if it is a live steam loco (you build a fire in a firebox and put water in the boiler) can be a very explosive device if you mishandle it - better that you let somebody that understands how to operate a boiler and so forth run the loco or you can have the whole thing blow up in your face and kill you which wouldn't be nice for you or others about you plus it will be a black eye on the whole hobby.

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