Petter "S" Injector wanted

I am trying to buy an injector for a Petter "S" engine for the trust
which owns it and the ship it is in.
The Petter "S" is a single cylinder, 9 HP model, serial no. 39936, and
was acquired by the M.S. Yavari to power a generator providing
on-board electricity in the mid-1930's. The Yavari is a Victorian
iron-hulled ship moored on Lake Titicaca in Peru. The Petter's
injector was lost by a boatyard in England to whom it was sent to be
serviced some years ago.
The M.S. Yavari was built in 1862 by James Watt's Foundry in
Birmingham to an order by the Peruvian government. She and her sister
ship were dispatched in several thousand crates, each weighing under
four cwt., around Cape Horn to the Pacific port of Arica. From there
the boxes were carried by mule over the Andes to Lake Titicaca, a
distance of 250 miles and over 15,500 feet in altitude. The iron hull
of the Yavari was reassembled by Christmas 1870, and its maiden voyage
took place in 1871. The ship was 100 ft. long, 17 ft. wide and had a
draft of 10 ft, but it was later lengthened by 50 ft to accommodate
more cargo. Its original engine was a 60 HP steam engine which was
run on dried llama droppings, but this was not efficient, so in 1914
it was replaced with a 4 cylinder Bolinder semi-diesel. This is the
largest and oldest engine of its type in running order today. It is a
thing of great beauty!
The Yavari was acquired by a Peruvian trust in 1987, in semi-derelict
condition. In 1998 she became a Peruvian State Registered Museum, and
she sailed again for the first time since restoration in December
1999. She is currently undergoing trials and tests to obtain a
licence to carry passengers around Lake Titicaca. Hopefully she will
start to do this next year. It would be very good if the Petter could
be brought back to running order and provide light and power for the
passengers and crew as it did in the past.
The Peruvian trust, "La Asociacion Yavari", is supported by a UK
registered charity, "The Yavari Project".
The Yavari's sister ship, the Yapura, was commissioned in 1873, and
continues to serve as a hospital ship on Lake Titicaca for the
Peruvian navy. It remains at its original length of 100 ft.
If anyone can supply an injector, or knows someone who might have one,
I would be glad to hear from them. Copies of any handbooks, manuals,
part lists, technical drawings, etc, would also be most welcome, as
the engine will no doubt need further work!
Please contact Peter Lea on 01442 870358 or by email at
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I see that I have previously corresponded with a "Geoff" ( on this subject. Before he got the hump with me (because he would not believe that the engine was not 1924) I offered him the drawings for this component when I got them. I have them and the offer stands but you will need a broadband connection as they are large files. regards
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