6-axle repower

I have an older Bachman 6-axle locomotive that has all-wheel pickup, but
driven by a single power truck. Unfortunately, the motor is dead. Has
anyone done a remotor on one of these?
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Jeff Stanton
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It would help if you could give the diesel model number, eg, SD-24 or whatever.
It's better to look for a complete power truck assembly. Bachmann doesn't list any 6-axle diesel power in its regular line, only in the Spectrum line. But I doubt that Spectrum power truck would fit your loco; and if it did, it would probably cost more than you paid for that old loco.
If the loco body matters to you (added details, repaint, etc?), look for a 2ndhand working version of your loco, and switch bodies. Or look for a better mechanism. With a bit of cutting, fitting, and judicious glueing of mounting pads etc, you can fit almost any body to a mech for the same model locomotive made by another manufacturer.
Or you could just park the dead engine next to the repair shop, and admire it from time to time... :-)
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Wolf Kirchmeir
Jeff, old buddy, it's time to have a funeral. Put the ashes in a jar over the mantle and hie thyself to thy local hobby shop for to purchase a replacement. You'll be glad you did.
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Jeff! Bachmann is very good about honoring their lifetime warranty. IIRC the charge for a diesel is $10.00. Try contacting them; they will usually replace the dead loco with a new one, HTH Franz T
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Franz T

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