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Do the Proto 2000 come DCC equiped and can it work on DC layouts without having to do anything to the loco? Thanks, Sean

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Not all of them, that's for sure. The one Proto 2000 loco that I have (a GP30 about four years old) was not DCC equipped. Howver it did have a standard DCC plug -- but in order to use DCC the headlight needed to be replaced with a 12v bulb or a resistor added to step down the voltage.

But it sounds like the newest Proto 2000 locos come DCC equipped. So you might want to specify which loco(s) you are looking at if you want an answer about a specific model.

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The Heritage Series 2-8-8-2s and 2-8-4s currently on dealer shelves do not come equipped with DCC decoders, but instead have sockets that allow you to install decoders later, if you wish.

They run fine on regular DC straight out of the box, with no need to set or change anything.

The upcoming sound-equipped 2-8-8-2 and 2-8-4 models have not yet been released. They will have built-in decoders, but since they're using the common QSI sound/decoder combination, they shouldn't require any change to run on DC.

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