Ambroid wood kits for sale

"Thinning my collection", as they say. :-)

2x K-11, centre flow hopper, one w/UP one w/ PRR decals 1x 1 in 5000 2nd series No. 5 70' pulpwood car (double kit), MEC and BAR decals

$12 Can. each plus actual postage. That's _four_ cars for $36, plus many, many hours of enjoyable building time.

No trucks or couplers, just wood, plastic and/or metal parts, and plans. These were state of the art kits when they came out, and with care will make very nice cars. Tip: Spray all wood parts with a clear wood sealer before building. Two or three coats with light sanding between creates a smooth, steel-like finish.

Mail me off group if interested. There is no e in the correct address.

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Wolf Kirchmeir
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