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Many years ago, for reasons better left alone, I decided to hand paint some of my Hornby 00 engines using Humbrol modelling enamel paint. For example, one engine originally in BR livery was repainted in a desert camoflauge!

I want to restore these to their original condition. Is there anything that will remove the paint without damaging the original train body and more specifically the transfers!


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Dave Banthorpe
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I use brake fluid - paint it on and then wash in warm soapy water at ten minutes. It takes several applications to get the paint off totally. The ten minute interval is reasonably important because after that the paint seems to reharden.

Tri-ang Hornby used a system of heat embossing originally. This leaves a very slight indentation on the plastic where the marking was. Later they used tampon printing. I'm afraid any process used to remove paint will remove the lettering and lining.

Regards, Greg.P.

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Greg Procter

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