Atlas' Revised Website

Since Wednesday, 12 October, 2005, Atlas has revised their website such that the
introductory animation is now an option
How nice!
The revised page opens much faster and allows the reader to get right to
I know some people probably thought the animation was "cool" or "neat" or "rad"
some other superlative modifier, but i am glad to see a more efficient page that
doesn't make me wait around, and that is so very much easier to use than the
iteration was.
Thanx Atlas, if you are reading this. I know you meant well, but the revised
page is
a great leap better than the previous one.
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That's nice! I don't allow for scripting or Java to run on my machines because those two things allow sites to put things on my computer other than cookies and that leads to unscrouplous sites to put viruses on my computer. Also note that emails (Ourlook) run on the same rules as IE does so just opening an email with scripting and Java enabled can cause the poster of the email to put the virus on your machine. I also don't use Flash for the same reasons. If somebody wants to put an antimated image on their page, antimated GIF images do the work just as well although any sounds (I don't have speakers so that is useless for me) won't be syncronized.
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Bob May
because those two
cookies and that
Also note that
opening an email
email to put the
to put an
just as well
for me) won't
Good points. I do the same thing myself.
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