Even More Bigger Lame Promotion?

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - President George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of
the United States, will be honored by Union Pacific with a custom-painted
locomotive to be unveiled on the campus of Texas A&M University on Tuesday,
Oct. 18, during an invitation-only ceremony featuring President Bush and
Union Pacific
Chairman and CEO Dick Davidson, the railroad said.
Following the unveiling ceremony, President Bush will host a ticketed forum
titled "Railroads: Building America," featuring Mr. Davidson at the
Annenberg Presidential Conference Center next to the George Bush
Presidential Library and Museum. The custom-painted SD70ACe will power a
special excursion train from College Station to Dallas and back Nov. 19-20.
The President Bush unit is expected to be renumbered No. 4141. (UP's current
SD70M 4141 will also be renumbered.)
The SD70ACe was one of four units delivered from EMD in primer. The first
three became UP Heritage Units painted at Wisconsin & Southern's Horicon,
Wis. shops into stylized Western Pacific, Missouri Pacific and
Missouri-Kansas-Texas paint schemes. Three more Heritage Units are planned
for sometime in 2006
At the same time several other UP ceremonies will also take place. They will
be celebrating the dedication of "The Clinton Hump Yard" at 2:00 PM. Later
at near by Malfunction Junction a magnificently painted theatraticly lighted
EMD70ACe dummy unit will be on display to honor George W. Bush. Also a mile
long train of custom painted empty box cars will be rolled by to honor the
administration and friends. The box car train will be followed by an old
rusty Climax pulling a flat car with a logging donkey and three gondolas.
The first gondola will be filled with gift packages for anyone who claims
they need one, the second will be filled with New York Times OP ED
contributors and the third will be empty as it is reserved for influential
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Bruce Favinger
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Oh! Boo-o-o-o-o, hisssss.... I like it.... :) This is better than 01.04. 4141 is an beautiful tribute.... only it would be better if there was a pair of locos 4141 and 1441. (Perhaps renumber loco 666; it so fitting.)
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I wonder if this one gets the same level of licensing fee income as the other Heritage locos will....
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Kennedy (no longer not on The Haggis!)
Everything considered, the UP should have to pay the treasury a licensing fee. And the Treasury could collect from the hobby and toy manufacturers. Why, this product is going to be so popular that it ought to retire the deficit.... Unless of course certain elements decide to return the monies as tax reductions or tax breaks for the moneyed crowd and corporations.... Which would only increase the deficit and can be easily blamed on the "tax and spend" Democrats. Analysis by Charles Ro.
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