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I thought I might make a pitch for the Aus7 Modellers Group. If you haven't heard of the Aus7 Modellers Group, and there's no particulr reason you should have, it's probably best described as an Australian organisation dedictaed to the propogation of O-scale modelling. Membership is open to anyone, from any part of the world, and while the foucs tends to be on Australian prototype modelling there are always plenty of ideas and info of relevance to any modeller being tossed around in the group. We produce an excellent quarterly newsletter called 7th Heaven, which is included in a yearly membership subscription of AUS $30.00 (Foreign membership is AUS $40.00). That's about US$32.00, cheap hey? We can arrange payment via Paypal but I'm afraid credit cards are beyond a little group like ours. Still I reckon we're worth the trouble.

The next issue of 7th Heaven is about to come out and features a terrific O-scale planning article by designer Rodney Barrington who's a bit of a guru Down Under for this sort of thing. The newsletter is always full of good modelling and ideas and, as far as I know, is the only Australian publication focussed fairly and squarely on O-scale modelling. If you're looking for a prototype that's a little different, or simply curious about the sort of O-scale modelling Aussies get up to, 7th Heaven is a great place to start.

For more info go to

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There you'll find some information about the group, a downloadable membership application, some great photos of Australian O-scale modelling and pdf copies of the first two editions of 7th Heaven + links and the ususal stuff. You can get my email address off the web site there or modify this: trevorhodges[removethisbit] It won't work unless you [removethisbit].

Finally, if you're looking for a free way of discovering what I'm on about you could also join the Australian O-Scale modelling Yahoo! group at

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End of blatant plug. Thankyou for your time.

-- Trevor Hodges Warren, NSW Australia Why settle for half when you can have the whole 0?

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