Basic question about couplers

You'd think the answer to such a simple question would be readily
available, but dang if we can find it:
We want to buy an Atlas-O diesel engine (Model# 1112-3).
The description for this engine says "Kadee-compatible couplers".
All of our rolling stock is Lionel and MTH. Will this engine work
with our freight cars without having to change any couplers?
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According to the Atlas 2004 catalog, model #1112-3 is a 3-rail model of an Espee low-nose GP-35 road #6531. The model is also offered in 2-rail as model #2112-3. The text in the catalog lists "Additional 3-rail features: ... Die-cast couplers simulated trainline details ..." and "Additional 2-rail features: ... Kadee compatible scale couplers ..." I think the description you are reading must only apply to the 2-rail version, and that the 3-rail model will have a die-cast coupler compatible with Lionel and MTH. Geezer
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