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It has been very interesting to read several recent threads about "best" HO "systems", Marklin, Hornby, etc. If we set size and time aside, I'd be curious how others rate model train "systems". Step one is to define what is a model train system. I suggest it is a complete, compatible product line from a single manufacturer that should include:

o locomotives o rolling stock o track o power supplies and power distribution o signals o on-line RR-related structures and industrial accessories o off-line structures and scenery

I'd give my first place vote to Lionel in the 1930's, as in addition to all the essentials, they offered the 439 and 440 power control panels and the various scenic parks and homes. I think Lionel takes a second to American Flyer, Hornby and Marklin on the prototype fidelity of their locos and cars. I think Marklin ranks number one for the elegance of their plug connected switch control, power routing and signal systems. I'd give points to Hornby in the 90's for a good line of non-RR structures. Comments? Geezer

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Setting 'size' aside, allows Lionel to win "Hands Down".

Lionel has over the years had the broadest 'line'. In "O", this has included some very good SCALE models, "O" 'tinplate', and "O27 'toy' equipment. Their OO offerings in the early 1940s were very good 'scale' models for that time. They were available in both two and three rail systems. The locomotives were for many years desired by 'Scale' modelers because of their accuracy. Their "HO" in the 1950s and later, was primarily an attempt to satisfy TOY demand for 'smaller sized LIONEL'. (The first year of "HO" was primarily 're-labeled' Athern)

Domestically, (NA U.S.) there isn't anything close to a 'complete system', unless you are willing to lump together all the 'Hobby Manufacturers that have over the years produced the plethora of available HO scale materials. If you are willing to accept this agglomeration, then there is something to point to that just swamps any other 'system' in terms of available equipment, information, helpful hobbiests, etc.

There is a problem for the newcomer though, that is that there is so much 'still in the distribution pipeline' from 'long gone suppliers' that it's almost impossible to explain to someone why something is no longer available. Personal research is the only answer, and some people don't want to be bothered.

Chuck Davis

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Charles Davis

In terms of the variety of things offered over the years, they are still a fairly young company compared to Lionel, but I really like LGB. I can't afford them and I don't have the space for them, but I have never seen model steam locomotives operate as quietly and as smoothly as the LGB stuff I have seen in operation. As other manufacturers have appeared to add to the list of items available to fit their scale and track, the variety of what is available as part of their "system" (though not made by them) has increased quite a bit over the years.

Though I suppose some of that is the attraction of something I could never get involved with under the current living situation, which pretty much limits me to modeling telephone booths in Z scale and the like.

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