Branchline Pullman 12-1 GN sleeper questions


I am writing for assistance with several questions regarding the underbody
details of a
Branchline Pullman 12-1 GN sleeper, as follows:
1. Regarding the ice and battery boxes - are the hinges at the top or bottom of
the box?
My first thought was the hinges would be at the top, although it occurred to me
the box
fronts may lower when opened to act as a platform when loading / unloading the
2. What is the color of all underbody details?
The boxes and air receivers are provided in olive green, while the brake linkage,
cylinders, etc. are black.
I have searched in the Internet for photos and comments regarding the above
success. All the train books I have show details of only the locomotives.

While I am not a total fanatic for detail, do prefer to get the basics correct.

Thanks in advance for any comments /
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