Crestline / Sarcophagus & Macabre Locomotive Portraits.

The Crestline (short for Fredalba & Crestline: both real places) is my
freelanced switching railroad located somewhere in southern
California. The Sarcophagus & Macabre is it's wholly-owned logging
subsidiary, and a homage to John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid: the model
railroad that addicted me to the hobby in the first place.
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Kemtron / PSC Thomas-Flyer rail car. The S & M's official track-
inspection car. Also used as an ambulance in times of trouble, for
transporting vital supplys (whisky) to the logging camps, and for
collecting vital locomotive parts that fell off along the right of
way. Runs surprisingly well.
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Bachman Spectrum 3-trucked Shay. Presently the S & M's only steam
locomotive. Used for heavy switching, very slow heavy freight, and
logging runs.
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Westside #3 Heisler. The Crestline's smallest -and newest- loco, it's
used exclusively for switching.
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NWSL / Toby / Japan Baldwin 0-8-0. Used for switching and light
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United / PFM / Japan Class-B 2-trucked Shay, vintage 1957. Used for
switching and logging runs. My first brass locomotive.
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United / PFM / Japan 70-ton Heisler. Used for light freight and
switching duty.
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NWSL / Toby / Japan Baldwin 70-ton 2-8-2 Mikado. Used for way freight
and passenger service.
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United / PFM / Japan Baldwin "Sierra" 2-6-6-2 articulated. Used for
heavy freight and helper service.
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Westside / Korea freelanced 2-10-0 "Brute". Heavy freight and helper
service. Frequently double-headed with the 2-6-6-2 on heavy trains.
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