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Got no response, so thought I would try again...

Anyone know a source for:

add-on detail parts for the Bachmann large scale logging engines?

custom dry transfer lettering for same?

Tom Spence

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Tom Spence
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I presume you are talking about the 1:20.3, G gauge Shay and Heisler, not the On30 locos?

There isn't much market for super-detailing parts for G gauge engines of any scale - most people seem quite happy to run them as they are. Most detail parts are for buildings, etc, and appear to be 1/24th scale

Listed in Walthers catalog:

-- Aristocraft, Lifelike, Pola, Preiser and others make figures in

1/24th or thereabouts. (Bachmann's engines are apparently 1:22.3)

-- Milepost makes details, mostly for buildings, but a few (eg, brooms) might suit an engine.

-- Precision Scale makes lots of detail parts - catalog avilable from Walthers.

NB that G gauge represents a variety of protoype gauges, hence a variety of scales. I suspect that's the main reason details for cars and engines aren't widely availabe. European narrow gauge stock is modelled at anywhere from 1:16 to 1:22.2, depending on gauge represented. N. American 3ft gauge is scaled at 1:20.3, and standard gauge at either

1:29 Aristocraft's scale, about 10% oversize), or 1:32 (correct.)

Just to confuse you further :-): The Bachmann Shays and Heislers represent prototypes that could be and were built for a variety of gauges. Lima (builder of Shays) offered a bewildering variety of boiler size + cylinder size + gauge combinations, as well as 2- and 3 truck versions of everything.

Don't know of any makers of custom dry transfers, but there are a few makers of custom wet decals, eg, Herald King, Rail Graphics, Microscale. You could try O scale alphabet decals, looking for the larger sizes of type faces, for example. There is no one correct size for lettering, every road had its own standards.


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Wolf Kirchmeir

Ozark Miniatures and Trackside Details come to mind as possible suppliers. They advertise in Garden Railways Magazine.

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