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I am building my first layout and intended to use Homasote over plywood however have not had any luck finding Homasote in our area. If I use the blue or pink foam over the plywood, how do I fasten the track? I was to screw it to the other surface.

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The same way.

Use deck screws, and fender washers (large washers with small holes). Just drive the screw down through the foam and into the plywood until the fender washer is below "grade", the level of the top of the foam. Fill the "sinkhole" with lightweight spackle.

It's MUCH more secure than adhesives that may or may not hold.

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Joe Ellis

If you are going to use flextrack, Latex Liquid Nails is a great adhesive. Just be sure to have your trackplan pre-drawn with a pencil on the surface because the adhesive sets up quickly. I have also used transparent DAP silicone caulking which has an added benefit of noise dampening.

I have also had good results with two-sided adhesive foam tape, the kind used for mounting picures and posters. Apply it to the underside of the track, first. There's an added advantage of an easy way to add ballast. Just pour the ballast over the track, press down lightly with a flat block, and vacuum up the excess (I use a new bag in the vacc so I can re-cycle the ballast for the next section).

Many model railroaders seem to construct their layouts strong enough to serve as a dance floor or basketball court. Many N-Trak modules are build with lightweight materials such as plywood and foam, and they endure far more abuse than a fixed, home layout and the modules withstand that wear and tear quite nicely.

Food for thought.

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Bill Barr

Be sure to use the water based contact cement.

Dave Decker

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Try your local library. The Wauwatosa, Wisconsin library has the Klambake book on Modeling Urban Scenery, or whatever the title was. It's the one with the New Haven (look-alike?) 44-tonners on the cover. The West Allis library has one of Wayne Wesolowski's books on scratchbuilding freight equipment.

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