Homasote sub base

I'm putting together 2'X4' "dominoe" modules along a wall that is 15' long.
I was planning on supporting these with heavy duty shelf standards.
No legs... furniture must fit underneath!
I purchased 1/2 inch plywood AND Homasote to use as a sub base but got to
wondering if I could save some weight by using ONLY the Homasote.
If I went this route, I would most likely use at least two cross braces in
each dominoe for support.
This 15' section would be a small yard with turntable and engine
facilities. My big concern is plunking the turntable into nothing but
Will this work or should I stick to a plywood/homasote matirix ??
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Duncan Idaho
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Homasote will move on you if it is unsupported. And 5/8 ply is better.
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Homosote will sag over time unless backed up with plywood.
David J. Starr
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David J. Starr
For 2x4 foot sections, dump the Homasote AND the plywood and go with 1 or 2 inch foamboard insulation (pink or blue extruded, NOT white beadboard). Span the length of the pieces with 1x2s and screw the foam to them with deck screws through fender washers if you're worried about support over the length. It'll be probably 1/4 or less the weight of the plywood/Homasote combo.
N scale folks have been using this type of construction for years for modules up to 8 feet long. I can carry my 6x2 foot Bend-Track module easily in one hand, and the foam doesn't change dimensions with heat and humidity changes. -- Joe Ellis ? CEO Bethlehem-Ares Railroad - A 1:160 Corp. ___a________n_mmm___mmm_mmm_mmm___mmm_mmm_mmm___mmm_n______ ___|8 8B| ___ /::::: / /::::X/ /:::::/ /:::::/|| ||__BARR| | | /::::::/ /:::::X /:::::/ /:::::/ || ---------------------------------------------------------------- [(=)=(=)=(=)=(=)] |_________________________| [(=)=(=)=(=)=(=)] =============Serving America's Heartland Since 1825=============
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Joe Ellis
Thanks to everyone who chimed in. Your opinions are much appreciated.
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My 6x9 layout is a table that has 1/2 in plywood w/Homasote over it. jaijef
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