Putting together a trainer (PT-40)

I have been given this plane which is already built with all the
accessories. It came from a friend who didn't have any success with it.
So, he asked me to put it back together and see if I can fly it. I do have
expericence flying, so I don't think this is a challenge to fly. However,
the O.S. Max engine seems to have been lying up too long, now it won't turn.
Can anyone tell me the best method to free the crank. Any help would be
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Darren Earle
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Soak it in some fuel for a day or two, then try. If not try automatic transmission fluid. Next, if no luck, try marvel mystery oil, or other penetrating type oil.
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Which model of engine? Does it have ball bearings or is it a plain bearing model?
Remove the head and backplate and let it soak in fuel overnight. This will usually free up any dried gunk. If you see rust inside, take it all apart and see if anything is worth salvaging. Look on the crankpin and crankshaft around the intake port area. Replace the bearings.
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Paul McIntosh
Darren, One word dude, "WD40".
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John Petruska
That ain't no word!
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Paul McIntosh

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