HO! HO! HO! (subsitute whatever is appropriate for you and yours)

Off to ride the rails!!!

Coast Starlight - Empire Builder -- Empire BUilder - Coast Starlight

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Don't you mean the Coast STILL-LATE????

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Steve Hoskins

Merry___Christmas and

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Jim__Holland snipped-for-privacy@P-R-Co.com

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What? No L?


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Robert Dietz

Paul=A0Newhouse wrote: HO! HO! HO! (subsitute whatever is appropriate for you and yours)

---------------------------------------------- Hope everyone has a pleasant holiday season!

Bill Bill's Railroad Empire N Scale Model Railroad:

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As a pratical description ABSOLUTELY!

Four hours late into Portland, 8 hours on a bus to catch the Empire Builder in Spokane. If we wanted to ride in cramped seats we could have flown in 4 hours.

On the way back the toilets in our car failed near Minot. The car will not be fixed until it returns to Chicago(???). The were putting people in the car for the return ... geezzz!!!

The track from Spokane to Minneapolis alternated between nice smooth welded rail (I'm guessing based on seeing uninstalled sections) and track so bad that if it were modeled you probably couldn't keep any modeled equipment on the track. We stopped on a siding to let a BNSF freight pass and I could see a rail joint that had at least a

3 inch offset on the railhead. The first time we hit one at speed I thought we had derailed ... for second or so *>8-{.

Compared to the Empire Builder the Starlight is a nice train though. Both trains in both directions were filled to capacity. The Starlight was over booked Portland to Sacramento. Some people were sleeping in the Parlor Car.

Except for the bus ride and the toilets it was a great trip (we did get a 60% rebate on the cost).

Hope all here had as great a holiday as we did.


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Paul Newhouse

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