HO Layout Ideas Needed!

Hello, I am in need of some fresh Ideas for my HO Layout, I have layed out
some track work but need some ideas. Anyone in the Denver area ( I am in
Littleton) who has some time to visit I would like to here from. Drop me an
email and lets work something out.
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Mike Keithly
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ever think about the Tehachapi loop in California . I saw a neat layout of it in a Tehachapi restaurant once.
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have a vast collection of old mr's and mrc's that have a lot of ideas .what are you interested in switching ,out and back ,point to point. continuous loop. give me some idea of what you would like and will look up Jim
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James Currie
consider atlasrr.com's "layout plans" - they show several styles... & sizes with differing operational purposes.... And you can estimate the cost since the inventory is listed (on the website, at least), even if they are designed for "snap" track instead of flex track.
A fast visit to atlasrr, a survey of your "interior site" dimensions, and come back with your objectives. The folks here help.
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Once you have the space available, coming up with a track plan to build in that space seems like one of the hardest parts of model railroading. I just bought a house with a separate 16'x24' insulated and air-conditioned building in the backyard. I'm planning to almost double the size of it for my layout. I have NO idea how I'm going to fill the space once the expansion is complete. I guess I need to join the Layout Design SIG promptly.
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Rick Jones
If you're interested in one of the Atlas Layout's, visit Train Sets Only at:
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We sell packages of track to construct the layouts found in the Atlas Layout Plan books.
Train Sets Only
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