How old is this car?

Dear all, I won a HO scale Sand & gravel Hopper on Ebay--part number H-301. It is made by Roundhouse Products. The box is blue & yellow w/Diecasting Co. Los Angeles,Calif. on the box also. I know this was made in the 50's or 60's. The SSW hopper is all metal w/operating hopper doors and even metal horn hook couplers. My question is, is there a place or book to find out when an particular item was made, year specific? I know in 1973 Roundhouse came out w/Sand & gravel cars in Styrene and in the

1950s they moved to the Anza Ave. address in LA, but I was wondering what yr. this car was released. Thank you in advance everyone. jaijef
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I believe this item was first released in mid 1954. My September, 1954 copy of MR (page 18) has an ad with "First Time Available! BRAND NEW" very prominently displayed by a picture of this car. The car had three lettering schemes with 301 corresponding to Canadian Pacific (boxcar red). Interestingly, the car is shown with X2f couplers. Most roundhouse kits at this time contained a propriatory knuckle type. It wasn't until the following spring that the X2f was included in all MDC kits. Hope this helps. Jerry

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