IHC 4-8-2s

Can anyone tell me what prototype these are supposedly based on?
Thanks in advance.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
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The "prototype" is the USRA heavy mountains supplied to the C&O which later had Vanderbilt tenders and flying airpumps. But no RR ever had a "vandy" tender like the IHC with a square front end under the coal bunker. If you want a USRA heavy mountain, get the Bachmann instead. Gary Q
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Wolf, A C&O Mountain. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
Hi Wolf, I have one of the Bachmann spectrums in C&O, it doesn't look too bad actually. I like that pumps up-front look, looks very intimidating to a motorist I would say. GN seemed to like that look on some of their steamers as well. I am sure it wasn't for estetics. I would imagine it would be pain to have to disconnect all the lines from the pumps so that the smokebox door could be opened. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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John Franklin

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