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I have come across a bunch of old rollingstock. Some of them seem to be interesting pieces. Most of them are in varying conditions. missing wheels, couplers, brake wheels ladders abd stirrups. I would like to restore these. I have not done this before. Can someone direct me to info on this. Also a source for parts. thank you

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joe murphy
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Frank A. Rosenbaum

Hi Joe,

Take a look in the Walthers catalog in the Detail Parts section. Most of the things you need will be there.

For information as to what to do you could check Railmodel Journal. They publish some books too with articles from back issues of their magazine. I just picked up their book Freight Car Models Vol 1: Techniques. Recommended. Railroad Model Craftsman and to a lesser degree, Model Railroader also publish articles on this subject.

Good luck!


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Colin 't Hart

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