Atlas Trainman Rolling Stock

All. A while back I started a thread making fun of that goofy "Trainman Music Video" introduction thing Atlas put up on it site.Well I go my first look at some Trainman models today and I'm not poking any fun at Atlas now.

Since I need a few 50' sized cars for my new and improved Timesaver featuring late 70's early 80's AT&SF power ( CF7 - GP30 ) I picked one up. I got an ACF 50'6" Railbox Boxcar. This is a Railbox in the standard yellow paint with a black door but with the earlier larger Red and Blue logo. It looked pretty good in the box from what I could see through the plastic window.

When I got home I opened it up right away and put it on the tracks. The weight seemed nice, just about right. The paint job is sharp and well done. The couplers work really well and are completely compatible with the Kadees I have on everything else. They are Accu Mate couplers. The couplers are set exactly right and do not sag. The coupler boxes do seem to be extended from the car a little but that may needed for the small radius curves many of us must use. The wheels are metal and free rolling!!!! The wheels are not darkened but a little paint will tone them down just right. The detail is cast on but sharp except for the brake wheel and chain that are separate parts. The underside detail is very minimal but enough for when the car is on the tracks. The car scales out correct. This is a very nice truly ready to run model that needs no adjustments, truck, wheel or coupler replacements. (that is if the couplers hold up like Kadees over time ). Overall it has a look and feel of quality.

How does it compare with something like a Branchline Blueprint kit or an Intermountain? It may lack some of the detail and separate parts but for $10.36 it stands up extremely well. This Trainman is a very good car and a very good value. Bruce

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