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Saw that Atlas is introducing a line of economical trains under the new Trainman line. Apparently this will be for N, HO and O scales. Atlas states that they want to make a line of products that is affordable for kids, good enough for more advanced model railroaders that are always available and in stock. The Trainman line is received on the Atlas Forum as a very good idea. It may well be for the hobby in general. I think this may be great for guys who need to build up a fleet especially those who are more into operating, for they guy just getting started, or the budget minded. Still over all I don't think it will impact the hobby to any great degree as the people who will buy the stuff are already involved or will start into the hobby no mater what Atlas or anyone else does. What you guys think about this? Bruce

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Bruce Favinger
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Some of the O is so detailed that it's almost too delicate to operate. Bits occasionally come off the trucks--example is the chain on the Dash 8 40BW. It can come loose and get caught in the gears. If this means that such detail will be absent, then that might well be a plus for operators.


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Carl Heinz

Speaking from an N scale standpoint, I think it's a _great_ idea. N scale has never had an "Athearn" like HO - a good quality, inexpensive, reliably available source of basic locomotives and rolling stock. As a freelancer, it appeals to me even more, because I won't have to be put in the position of repainting $25.00 cars if some acceptable ones are available for less than half that. Kitbashing also becomes more feasable, for the same reasons.

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Joe Ellis

Too many of today's models are limited run and hard to find six months after they are released. And, with locomotive prices continuing to go up as more and more detail is added, I can see a place in the market for good yet inexpensive items to get the beginner started.

Fifteen years ago, you could put together a pretty nice train set using Atlas track, Athearn loco & rolling stock and an MRC power pack and still have some money left in your wallet. Today, that isn't the case. I've been concerned that the hobby won't grow because of the rather high cost of getting started.

Maybe this new product line will meet that need. Wonder if they are going to have any... oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see! : )


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Dan Merkel

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