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Hi All: I bought the Polar Express Lionel Set today at Charles Ro Supply, Malden MA. for $209.00 + tax. I went for the extra dinning car and baggage car for $39.99 each. I live near the place so it was easy to purchase. Not sure if they mail order. Anyway, I decided to get it. I realize it probably has no collectible value but it's still a pretty good set. The price is sure better this year than last year. Too bad he stuff is imported now. Used to made in USA. M

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eBay sales are very brisk & nearing the $289.99 list price. The components of the set are well worth the price. The CW transformer alone lists at $119.95, the track over $40.00, then you get a nicely detailed Berkshire loco w/ tender, & 3 passenger cars. The list price is up from $249.99 in 2004, but the street price is lower due to a plentiful supply(the set commanded up to ~$600.00 for a time approaching Christmas last year).

The Chinese tooling & decorating is quite nice, too.

Charles Ro is HUGE in mail order / internet. Their retail store area is about 1/6 of the operation at that site.


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