Lionel Polar Express 2 or 3 axle trucks

In the 2004 Lionel catalog, the Polar Express passenger cars have 3
axle trucks.
In the 2005 catalog, the passenger cars (and the new baggage and diner
cars) have 2 axle trucks.
I can't seem to find a "real" picture anywhere (including ebay) to
determine if there was two versions of the cars, or which picture is
Does anyone have a Polar Express they can "hold in their hands" to
verify 2 or 3 axle trucks?
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have 3
and diner
picture is
My understanding is die-cast 3 axle trucks were supposed to be used originally, but to keep costs down they were changed to 2 axle plastic trucks in production. All of the production sets I've seen to date had two axle plastic trucks.
But if you really want them, the 3 axle die-cast trucks are supposed to be available directly from Lionel for somewhere around $10.00-$12.00 each. If you're interested I'll see if I can track down a part number.
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